Meenakshi Krishnan

Meenakshi Krishnan is Artist by passion and Teacher by profession. She happily dedicates all her art work from the past to the present to God, her parents and her loving family. 

Born and raised in South part of India, Meenakshi was inspired by her mother’s Kolam art, and practiced simple drawings and paintings from a young age. She continued her passion into art since then and practiced different art styles/medium such as: Tanjore painting, Kerala mural painting, Kalamkari painting, oil and acrylic painting, ceramic art work, charcoal shading, pencil sketching, oil and soft pastel shading, stain glass and reverse glass painting and much more.

Meenakshi established Varnika Arts in the year 2012 to teach drawing and painting for young children and also to create custom made paintings.